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End of Softlaunch & New Launch Date

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to inform you about some updated plans for PINTV. Initially, we had intended to create up to 12 episodes during the soft launch period to build up a backlog and address any major issues before a full-fledged release. Your reactions and feedback here and through the survey have really helped us understand what is working well and what needs improvement. We also had some plans that we couldn't execute before the soft launch, but we believe they will enhance the introduction and trajectory of the story. We’re at a pivotal point in the story right now where revealing any further information without first making those early adjustments is just going to lead us further off the desired path, so for that reason, we have decided to end the soft launch now and take a few weeks to make the necessary changes and prepare the adapted materials for other platforms such as Webtoon, Tapas, Wattpad, etc. Our target launch date is March 24th.

A couple of things we’d like to give you a heads-up on:

- the current episodes will be temporarily unavailable starting this week, but will eventually be reinstated with all of the comment sections and everything intact.

- when we relaunch, we will start with a smaller subset of the currently available episodes to give ourselves some buffer. Supporters will have read-ahead options, but we will continue to release a new episode each week for free.

- The existing episodes will also be updated with new content, so even if you've already read them, there will be new things to look at.

Thank you so much for your participation and comments during the soft launch, we really appreciate your patience and understanding during this transition. We want to do our best to make PINTV a success, and we’re very grateful for all of your help in achieving that goal! And, as always, let us know if you have any questions about any of it. 💖

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Little late commenting, but I can’t wait for the launch!


Mar 07

HYPED!!😍 Best of luck, and we'll see you on the other side! 😉💕


Mar 02

I can't wait to see what new content will be added to the previous soft launch chapters, and obviously what happens next in the chapters going forward from where we left off (which was Kogan literally being caught with his pants down).


Thank you in advance for another work of art.


Feb 25


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